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This is the automatic backlink page of the MoMaMo Club

This page is for automatic exchange of backlinks.
The only thing you have to do is embed the code listed below into your site. Then you click on it, and your site is represented here by.
This is the button

MoMaMo Club Backlink Grafik

for your website
Copy with the keys Strg or Ctrl and the key C and add this into your website.
Our club members are recommended to log in bevore, after the login is this backlink button personalized for your advertising page.
For a personalized button, the called backlink page is similar to the member link and well equipped with all important and necessary information to receive commissions and more.

Non-members therefore allowed to enter backlinks here on this page

You need not necessarily be a member of our club to come here for an automatic backlink. Copy confidently our button and paste it into your website. Already you have a link back again more ...
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